Introducing All-New Website Designs



In 2019, our Franchise Advisory Council formed a Website Committee to design and launch two brand new websites for our brands.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the new sites to our Franchise Partners and give you a preview of them prior to launching in the upcoming weeks!

Three Goals for our New Websites

From the very beginning of this web redesign project, we have had three priorties that influenced every aspect of the new sites:


1. Help Clients Find Members and Members find Suites

Members want their services to be featured more prominently, and want their clients to be able to find them more easily. Franchisees don’t want to get so many phone calls from clients trying to book appointments with Members.

This new site design helps Clients find Members, and helps potential Members find suites to lease much more seamlessly than ever before.

2. Improve the Code for SEO to help Generate More Leads

Our sites have been evaluated by professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) groups, and we have identified a number of areas where our code is outdated and was causing Google and other search engines to rank our site lower in their results.

We have worked with our designer to optimize all of the code, improving keywords and implementing best-practice strategies to help our organic and paid search results appear higher.

3. Enhance the Look and Feel

The MY SALON Suite and SALON PLAZA websites have served franchise owners well for the past several years, as evidenced by having 150 stores open and strong occupancy rates across the system. But the look and feel was starting to get a little dated. 

Wheat Creative has created two totally new designs for our brands that help to freshen up their image. Now our online presence can reflect the true quality that goes into every one of our stores.


To help clients find members easily, the homepage Call to Action buttons direct Clients to find a Professional, and Members to Rent a Suite.

The buttons below will change the picture above–check it out!

The Designs

This is what you really came here to see! Click on a page title below to expand the preview!


MY SALON Suite Home Page Preview

SALON PLAZA Home Page Preview

MY SALON Suite Member Directory Page Preview

SALON PLAZA Location Page Preview

MY SALON Suite Location Page Preview

SALON PLAZA Style Page Preview

MY SALON SUITE About Our Suites Page Preview

What Have we Done, and What is Left To Do?

  • Form FAC Website Committee 100% 100%
  • Identify and Vet Potential Design Companies 100% 100%
  • Contract with Design Company (Wheat Creative) 100% 100%
  • Complete Brand Refresh for MY SALON Suite 100% 100%
  • Design MY SALON Suite Site 100% 100%
  • Code Front-End for MY SALON Suite 95% 95%
  • Code Back-End for MY SALON Suite Site 90% 90%
  • Design SALON PLAZA Site 100% 100%
  • Code Front-End for SALON PLAZA Site 50% 50%
  • Code Back-End for SALON PLAZA Site 80% 80%
  • Update Store Location Pages (Instructions at Conference!) 33% 33%
  • Update Member Directory Pages (Instructions at Conference!) 60% 60%
  • Launch MY SALON SUITE 0% 0%
  • Launch SALON PLAZA 0% 0%

What can be personalized on Location Pages?

MY SALON Suite and SALON PLAZA location pages can both be personalized in the ways below! 

Storefront Photo

Grab attention with a professional photo of your store’s exterior, or use one of your nicest staged suites, like this photo

Suite Amenities

Do you offer things in your suites that your competition doesn’t? #HumbleBrag

Suite Photo Gallery

Keep the default stock photos, or replace them with your own photos of your suites

Member Testimonials

Let your members tell your story in using their words

About This Location

This text can be custom tailored to tell about your specific Store

We think you’re really going to like the new sites. More info is coming soon at our convention in Cancun, and we’ll keep you posted on the launch date and next steps you need to take!